Preserving Ecosystems During Projects

In today’s fast world, many people are too busy to pause a moment and think of the environment. With receding rainforests and increasing global warming, it is high time steps are taken to preserve what is left. Global warming is directly affecting sea levels and melting glaciers which in turn affect the polar bears and low lying countries like the Maldives and the increasing temperatures will have adverse effects on many types of animals and even humans. Most people are not informed of these consequences and steps should be taken to educate the general population about this.

When property developers buy lands most of them don’t spare a moment to consider the impact their massive constructions will have on the surrounding flora and fauna. It is for this reason that the Victorian Native Vegetation Management has made moves to preserve the current vegetation and ensure that there is no loss in vegetation with the use of habitat hectare assessments in Victoria. These assessments are done by comparing the vegetation present in the land against a standard chart of the same type of vegetation which is relevant to the Ecological Vegetation Class and then the scores for each habitat present in the land is calculated.

This method was brought forward in 2004. There are qualified botanists and ecologists certified by DELWP who can undertake such tasks. The assessments are almost always a type of map which shows each habitat zone present in the project area with habitat scores. Flora and fauna surveys are used hand in hand to get a clear view and understanding of the eco system present in the area. These surveys allow you to keep record of every species in your land from endangered trees to lady birds. These records can help should ecological departments inquire into the validity of your project. Failure to do can result in accusations of habitat destructions and other negative press. These surveys can also help you design your project in such a way that it fits the eco system resulting in a much better project and can also help you prepare environmental plans for any further developments and such.

Projects are huge ventures and doing the necessary and surveys obtaining permits before any actual building happens will help your project to proceed much smoother without any hitches. If problems do arise, it can put investors off and potentially cut out the investment money for the project. Eco systems around us are an important part of the Earth, and care should be taken to preserve it with the maximum possible effort.